About Us

Memorialine is not just “another” memorial site. "Memorialine – the place that celebrates life" enables you, the family member or friend, to build a living profile for your loved ones who are no longer with us. The profile  is based on the deceased’s connections which will help you reflect on who the person was,  the connections thye established and the people they influenced. We invite you to join us today and become part of our growing community.

Why Did We Create Memorialine?

  • We want to be different ,not another memorial site - a site that will keep our memories of our loved ones alive.
  • We want to create a special place where people can share their memories and words of comfort.
  • We want to help people remember the dates of the different ceremonies in memory of their late loved ones.
  • We intend to be the most relevant source of information about  memorials and ceremonies.

Memorialine is an international company, based in New Jersey, USA.