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Join Memorialine's affiliation program - suitable for funeral homes, communities, newspapers, and even individuals

Funeral Homes

We will provide you with a mini-website within our site. As our partner you will receive a special rate for memory pages which you can then offer at the rate you find reasonable as part of your services.

On your part it’s a win- win situation, you earn money for every memorial page created for your customers and you will receive premium advertising on a large funeral related website.

So, what are you waiting for? Join now or contact us for more information.


Memorialine offers newspapers special deals for obituary and death notice packages.

Your customers will be provided with an immediate memorial page with a free obituary notification system. Both the memory page and obituary can be easily shared with friends via email or Facebook.

In addition, you will be provided with a separate online advertising platform, enabling you to reach a large range of clients. Despite what some might say we believe that newspapers are here to stay, by joining our services we will reach all audiences, online and off , thus- benefiting us both.

Join now, or contact us for more information.


Memorialine offers communities’ the appropriate platform to honor deceased community members and participate in each other’s moments of grief.

We will provide you with your own custom designed mini site that will function as your community’s private site within memorialine.
This will enable community members to create their own dialogue while being part of a large memorial community.

So, why hesitate?

Join now with our special community plans or contact us for more information

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