James Davis
Date of death : 4/16/1965Place of death : Australia , Tasmania , Burnie
Cause of death : Heart attack
Funeral Location : Evergreen Memorial Cemetery, Bloomington, IllinoisDate of funeral : 4/21/1965
Place of Burial : Evergreen Memorial Cemetery, Bloomington, Illinois - Plot No. 23 -
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Short Biography

Spouse : (W) Janette Davis
Children :(S) John Davis (D) Mary Davis

Born : United States , Illinois , Bloomington Lived : Australia , Tasmania , Burnie

Life Story & Milestones

He was born in Bloomington, Illinois, where he spent most his life.

After school, James started working in a supermarket called Ben's Super, eventually becoming the store's manager.

He got married and had two kids.

On his last trip to Australia (he loved travelling), he experienced a severe heart attack, and died later in the hospital.
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