Muhammad Ali Mansoor
Date of death : 5/8/2005Place of death : United States , New York , Brooklyn
Cause of death : Old age
Funeral Location : 251 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn, NYDate of funeral : 5/9/2005
Place of Burial : 22 Brookfield Rd, Mt Vernon, NY 10552 - Plot No. 352 -
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Short Biography

Siblings :(S) Fatma Mansoor (B) Ahmad Mansoor

Born : Syria , Al Ladhiqiyah , Al Ladhiqiyah Lived : United States , New York , Brooklyn

Life Story & Milestones

Born in Syria.

My father had to leave Syria because of a scandal of which he was accused. Luckily, he had family in NY, so he moved there together with his wife, with their monetary assistance.

He found a job as an assistant blacksmith (he was the village blacksmith at home), and worked there until he could work no more.

I was born thirty years ago. I don't know why, but I thought it important to post some kind of memorial of my father. I don't know much more about his life, since we didn't talk about it much.
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