Kate Harris
Date of death : 5/16/2008Place of death : France , Ile-De-France , Paris
Cause of death : cardiac arrest
Funeral Location : Lathan Funeral Homes Jackson, ALDate of funeral : 5/17/2008
Place of Burial : Spring Bank Cemetery - Plot No. 33 -
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Short Biography

Spouse : (H) Dave Harris
Children :(D) Jessica Miller (S) Anthony Harris

Born : United States , Alabama , Chatom Lived : Canada , Ontario , Toronto

Life Story & Milestones

Hello, my name is Anthony.

I would like to start this just by saying that my mother was a great person and is a big loss to this world.

as a semi autistic child, I had a lot of problems growing up. I had no friends, no one to talk to, to share with, except for my mother. I saw children in my neighborhood getting scolded by their parents, kids who grew up to be uneducated and rude. Having a loving and caring mother wasn't obvious at all. Disregarding all my problems, my mother raised me the best way she could.
My mother was also an animal lover and was very active in our community, helping rescuing animals.

May she rest in peace.
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Anthony Harris

Relation to the Deceased : Son


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Anthony Harris
Anthony Harris