Janet Martin
Date of death : 11/5/2005Place of death : Australia , Victoria , Melbourne
Cause of death : Old age
Funeral Location : 788 Sydney Road, BrunswickDate of funeral : 11/6/2005
Place of Burial : St Kilda General Cemetery - Plot No. 199 -
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Children :(S) Ron Martin (S) David Martin (D) Rebecca Hudson

Born : Australia , New South Wales , Sydney Lived : Australia , Victoria , Melbourne

Life Story & Milestones

My name is Joshua Martin.
I started this page in honor of My amazing grandmother, Janet.
Granny loved us, her grandchildren so much. I remember the visits we had at her house when I was young. Her house was four blocks away from school. I would go to her house each day after school and have lunch before I continue home. My grandmother's house was a second home. a place where you can just relax and enjoy her company. You could talk to her about anything. When she reached 87 we had to put her in an old age home, and even there she made friends, although she had a hard time talking.
May she rest in peace.

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Joshua Martin

Relation to the Deceased : Grandson


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