Ali Na'aman
Date of death : 5/11/2004Place of death : Egypt , Al Qahirah , Cairo
Cause of death : Car accident
Funeral Location : El Marg El Baharea, El Marg, CairoDate of funeral : 5/13/2004
Place of Burial : El Marg El Baharea, El Marg, Cairo - Plot No. 45 -
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Parents : (M) Athir Na'aman (F) Walid Na'aman
Siblings :(B) Hassan Na'aman

Born : Egypt , Al Qahirah , Cairo Lived : Egypt , Al Qahirah , Cairo

Life Story & Milestones

Hello everybody. My name is Hassan Na'aman and I am Ali's brother.
I liked my brother very much. We grew together and spent most of our time with each other.
Since our parents had to work in all sorts of different jobs around the clock, Ali and I used to try and find all sorts of adventures. We would walk in the market on our way back from school, say hello to all the people working there. They all liked us, especially Ali. Now and then we would steal a fruit from the stores who had owners we didn't like. Although poor and with no friends, me and my brother had a great childhood, I believe. When he turned 30, Ali went to the UK to try and find a steady job. It didn't work out and after 3 years of almost no success, he came back to our neighborhood in Cairo. He was run over by a car just a week after.

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Hassan Na'aman

Relation to the Deceased : Brother


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