Karen Michaels
Date of death : 6/12/2006Place of death : United States , Ohio , North Ridgeville
Cause of death : Old age
Funeral Location : 36403 Center Ridge Road, North RidgevilleDate of funeral : 6/13/2006
Place of Burial : Saint Peters Cemetery - Plot No. 136 -
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Children :(D) Kelly Michaels (S) Jack Michaels

Born : United States , Florida , Blountstown Lived : United States , Ohio , North Ridgeville

Life Story & Milestones

Hello, my name is Adam Michaels, and I was Karen's grandson.
We didn't use to see my grandmother very often. When she was 75 she was sent to an old age home. My father used to visit once a week because his office was close to the old age home. I would go see my my grandmother every few months, because she was far and because it was not recommended to visit her at her condition. I do remember that when I was young, my grandmother played with me and loved me very much. She would give me candy, only if I promised not to tell my parents. She treated me well and I miss her a lot, so I decided a good way to cherish some memory of her is by this page.

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Karen Michaels

Relation to the Deceased : Grandson


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Karen Michaels
Karen Michaels