Maria Guy
Date of death : 10/9/2003Place of death : Yemen , San'a' , Sanaa
Cause of death : Old age
Funeral Location : Ashohada CemeteryDate of funeral :
Place of Burial : Ashohada Cemetery - Plot No. 278 -
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Children :(S) Muhammad Falahi

Born : Yemen , San'a' , Sanaa Lived : Yemen , San'a' , Sanaa

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I'm Abdul and my grandmother was Nasrin. Because our parents had to go and work at all sorts of jobs they could get at all kinds of different hours, my grandmother was the one to watch over me and my brother. She would make us her famous Yemen food, and tell stories from when she was young. She spent more time with us than my mother. When she passed, my brother and I were kind of lost and we didn't know what to do. Our grandmother was almost everything to us and until this day we are not completely over this terrible loss.

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Ben Guy

Relation to the Deceased : Grandson


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