Ana Medina
Date of death : 6/7/2011Place of death : Brazil , São Paulo , São Paulo
Cause of death : Old age
Funeral Location : São Lourenço da Serra, BrazilDate of funeral : 6/8/2011
Place of Burial : Rua da Consolação, 1660 - São Paulo - Plot No. 121 -
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Short Biography

Spouse : (H) Rodrigez Medina
Children :(S) Paulo Medina

Born : Brazil , São Paulo , São Paulo Lived : Brazil , São Paulo , São Paulo

Life Story & Milestones

Ana, my grandmother, was born in Sao Paulo. She was raised in an orphan home in the city, since her parents simply left her there as a little child. The orphanage educated her, and later on she got a job as a tailor's assistant.

When the tailor owning the shop died, he left her the small shop he had, and she managed the shop very well, right up until her death.

She married rather late, when she was 30 years old, and later on gave birth to my father. We mourn her death greatly.

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Maria Medina

Relation to the Deceased : Grandaugther


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