Jack Adams
Date of death : 6/9/2011Place of death : United States , Florida , Orlando
Cause of death : Drug overdose
Funeral Location : 301 Northeast Ivanhoe Boulevard, OrlandoDate of funeral : 6/11/2011
Place of Burial : 1603 Greenwood Street, Orlando - Plot No. 125 -
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I don't know much about Jack's life.

I do know he lived his whole life in Orlando, Florida, and that he wen to the University of Central Florida, studying psychology. We met during our studies, and we used to travel a lot together, mostly taking hiking trips around Florida.

I knew he used drugs from time to time, but it seems he went too far, and someone found him in his dorm room, unconscious. After several days in the hospital where they tried to revive him, he eventually died.

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