Doreen McAdams
Date of death : 5/4/2011Place of death : Australia , South Australia , Adelaide
Cause of death : Disease
Funeral Location : 49 Wakefield Street, AdelaideDate of funeral : 5/7/2011
Place of Burial : Marion Rd ,Payneham, SA - Plot No. 104 -
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Short Biography

Spouse : (H) Phil McAdams
Children :(S) John McAdams (S) Michael McAdams (D) Jane McAdams

Born : Australia , South Australia , Adelaide Lived : Australia , South Australia , Adelaide

Life Story & Milestones

My mother Doreen McAdams was born in Adelaide, Australia.

After graduating from high-school, she went on to study law in the University of Adelaide. She graduated and joined a big law firm in Adelaide, where she worked until her sudden death.

She was a very healthy person, so it came as a shock to all of us when they notified us that my mother was hospitalized because of a severe cerebral hemorrhage. She died the same day.

My mother was always fun to be with, she would always smile, and she never yelled at us kids or punished us too severely when we were growing up. She was a great woman, and I can't say enough about her. May she rest in peace.

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Jane McAdams

Relation to the Deceased : Daughter


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Jane McAdams