John Washington
Date of death : 6/12/2011Place of death : United States , New York , Bronx
Cause of death : Old age
Funeral Location : 726 Morris Park Avenue, Bronx Date of funeral : 6/13/2011 11:00:00 AM
Place of Burial : 2600 Lafayette Avenue, Bronx - Plot No. 93 -
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Short Biography

Spouse : (W) Elsa Washignton
Children :(D) Norma Washington

Born : United States , New York , Bronx Lived : United States , New York , Bronx

Life Story & Milestones

My grandfather was a great guy.

He'd take us fishing a lot, and I'd always wait for the weekends when we visited him in his small home.
He grew up in the Bronx, and he worked in the harbor as a physical worker on these odds and ends.

He met my grandmother Elsa in church one day, when he was twenty five.

He loved fishing, and we'd always hear the greatest stories about his catches (and misses..).
He died in his sleep.

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Relation to the Deceased : Grandson



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