Mike Scott Nelson
Date of death : 4/14/2012Place of death : Saudi Arabia
Cause of death : Heart Attack
Funeral Location : HomeDate of funeral : 5/14/2012
Place of Burial : Home - Plot No. 06 - Gravestone photo
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           Mike was a very dedicated person on everything he did. At a very young age he was already  working and at the same time attending school, He was very focus and had a lot of determination to help other people and especially his family.He was very successful in what he did, as far as his work is concerned. he was working as an Account Executive in one of the Multi National Company here in Saudi Arabia. He said " Going from one place to another is very hard but I have to work very hard because a lot of people is counting on me, and I am a very Lucky guy I have a Great place to work at"


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David Redford

Relation to the Deceased : Cousin


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David Redford