Todd Arnold
Date of death : 6/8/2002Place of death : United States
Cause of death : Pneumonia
Funeral Location : PennsylvaniaDate of funeral : 10/8/2002
Place of Burial : Pennsylvania - Plot No. -
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Todd Arnold was born on July 2, 1925 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, a coalmine town. His 33 year old father, HymanArnold, was a timekeeper at a iron foundry, and had immigrated from Russia in 1900. His 28 year old mother, Rose Arnold, had immigrated from Austria in 1904. Both parents were Jewish. They rented their home at 52 Hancock Street. They had four children, Sally, Sam, Alfred, and Evelyn. Although the artist is renowned for his passionate portrayal of horses, there is no significant interaction with horses in his early family history. Nevertheless, he was fascinated by the work horses and mules that labored in his hometown mining community.

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