Timothy Allan Clarkson
Date of death : 6/26/2012Place of death : United States
Cause of death : Cancer
Funeral Location : Tulsa, OklahomaDate of funeral : 7/2/2012
Place of Burial : Calvary Academy Cemetery - Plot No. 936 - Gravestone photo
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Short Biography

Children :(D) Amanda Clarkson
Siblings :(S) Carol Clarkson

Born : United States Lived : United States

Life Story & Milestones

Grandpa Tim was the best grandfather one could ever had.

He stood as the father I never had.  He has always been there for me and my mom, despite his busy schedule as a mechanic at the town car repair shop.

He was very personable.  He was well-loved by the community and his passing not only affected us, his family and friends, but also his environment.

His battle with cancer started 3 years ago.  Despite this though, he tried to downplay his condition and tried to lead a normal life.  He had to give in a few days ago, though.  I guess he was already tired.  We did not want to let go but I guess it was what he wanted...

We will surely miss you, Grandpa.  I know wherever you are now, you are happy and at peace, and I know you will always watch upon me, mom and Aunt Carol.
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Anne Clarkson

Relation to the Deceased : Grandfather


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