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Remember the precious people in your life - pass down the story of your family to future generation. The story of your family is a vitally important one..
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Home Memorial Corner

The perfect home for all your memorials. This is a board, just like a tablet, that houses commemorations for all of your loved ones who have passed away. We deliver this to your home for you to keep and share for the rest of your life – and for generations to come. Document their life, upload photos and videos, share the messages of condolence and eulogy. This is the ideal way to commemorate a life in a way that will last for generations.

For only 14.90 per month you receive
  • A stylish home frame with $150 value. The frames can be seen in the images above. Commemorate and celebrate a life with all your friends and family.
  • Upload new piece of date to the frame, such as video, audio, images and written word. This becomes the memorial center for your loved ones – a memory that will last forever.
  • Straightforward touchscreen operation so you can scan through your memories at ease.
  • A candle will be lit on the memorial page on the anniversary of death, providing a beautiful commemoration.
  • Have your own beautiful memorial services from the comfort of your own home with the Home Memorial Corner, looking at the images, videos and sound of your loved one on that special day.
  • Through the “memory corner” you will be able to honor the memory of the deceased and remember them with the proper dignity.

Click the link to buy from Amazon or AliExpress.

Community Commemoration Board

Your community is a vitally important part of who you are. The feeling of belonging is a strong bond that lasts forever. Our Community Commemoration Board is the ideal way to remember and celebrate the lives of others in your community, society or club.

The board can contain scores, hundreds or even thousands of images. These can be for victims of war, university friends who have passed away, members of your religious group or any other group you’d like to be remembered.

As we already know, behind every person there is a story. Our Community Commemoration Board lets you tell that story. Simply click on a picture and their life story will appear, complete with images, videos and messages of condolence.

This is the perfect way to remember those amazing people in your community. They deserve it.

Order Your Memorial Board To Commemorate The Victims Or Deceased In Your Community –

  • We ensure the board fits in the space you have – or the number of people you want to commemorate.
  • We supply the board directly from lour manufacturer with full instructions on how to set up as well as internet access.
  • We send you internet authorization so you can get started.
  • Upload all the information you want to each person on the board. There is the space to add videos, images and words. You can also add links to the different communities within your larger collective.
  • When you finish adding details they will appear live on the board, ready for people to look at and remember.
  • You can select a day where a memorial candle will be lit on a day of your choosing, such as the date of their death or their birthday.
  • All of the details can be updated at any time through our website so you can keep the memorial up to date with any new pictures, videos, etc.
  • Your place of remembrance will become interactive with our Memorial Board. People can look through the amazing people in the community and remember their life ever after death.

Call us at 732-8440370, and leave your message, or email to us at info@memorialine.com and our representative will contact you to discuss your needs.


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